This teenager decided to finally come out to her father, so he put a gun to her head

Kamiran Bakir Derek de Koff

This week, a North Dakota man was taken into custody after aiming a loaded gun at his daughter for coming out as a lesbian.

West Fargo’s Kamiran Bakir was taken into custody on a felony charge of terrorizing.

Police responded to a call from Bakir’s teenage daughter, who claims her dad threatened to “blow her head off.”

Bakir pointed the gun at his daughter and relatives, who’s either 16 or 17, who sat in the back seat of his car at a gas station.

As he surrendered the gun over to cops, he claimed he never intended to hurt his daughter, but was “upset that she is a lesbian.”

Bakir’s daughter told cops he had told her “she was lucky that she’s not 18 because he would have put a bullet in her head.”

According to relatives, he was particularly upset because “homosexuality goes against his religion,” which is believed to be Islam.

Bakir has posted $1,000 bail.

His next hearing is set for March 30.

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