This dad accidentally discovered his son is gay — and reacted in the best possible way.

This dad accidentally discovered his son is gay — and reacted in the best possible way.

Heartbreaking coming out stories are unfortunately still all too common, which is why it’s important to share stories like this recent anecdote from a father who discovered his teen son is gay.

Earlier today, my oldest son left his cell phone on the living room table. I noticed that someone has been blowing his cell up, and curious ol’ me decided to see what was going on,” he wrote to the AskGayBros Reddit channel. “Well, I learned that he has been dating this boy from, what I assume to be his high school. I am not experienced on this topic, never really have been, til now at least.”

He continued:

I’d like to clarify that I love both of my sons and would continue to do so no matter what. I’m a 37 year old from Arkansas. My son is 16, turning 17 in a few months.

I’m basically asking for advice. My wife doesn’t know, and my son doesn’t know that I know. I’m going to post this tonight (Feb 10), and attempt to answer any advice given to me when I get home from work. Apologies if I’m off topic. I simply searched “ask gay” and I got here. Moderators, if you do not want me here, just say so, no hard feelings. I would appreciate it if someone would give a stranger some kind advice. :)”

Advice poured in, suggesting everything from “find a local PFLAG group” to “don’t approach him directly, just stay supportive.”

In a follow-up post, he shared how the big moment finally went down:

Today has been a really eventful day.

It all started with me casually asking my oldest if he’s seeing anyone this Valentine’s Day. I noticed that he got a little uncomfortable, and as any father would, I asked him what’s wrong. He went on about if I’d accept him no matter what. Well, as yall know, I 100% support my son, and after I told him that, he beat around the bush for a good 20 minutes. He ended up telling me that he’s gay, and has been seeing someone (which I already knew, of course). My wife and younger son were there, and everyone was happy with each other.

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