‘The Supreme Court declared itself God when legalizing gay marriage’

‘The Supreme Court declared itself God when legalizing gay marriage’

On the “Point of View” radio program last Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert declared the Supreme Court had cast itself as God by striking down state bans on gay marriage.

Taking a call from listener Debbie, the guest-hosting Gohmert insisted the Supreme Court had absolutely no constitutional authority to rule on the issue of marriage equality. He then blasted the court for its ruling.

He faulted the Supreme Court for claiming the “federal government has no business getting involved in marriage” when it struck down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, only to say the exact opposite in regards to same-sex marriage:

“It really disturbs me. For 50 years, the Supreme Court has been saying, okay, less of God, less of God, not in the schools, not in public, you can’t pray, you can’t talk about the Bible. And with that decision last summer, they said forget what Moses said when he said, ‘A man shall leave his father and mother, a woman will leave her home, the two become on flesh,’ forget what Jesus said God said and what Moses said, he quoted exactly the same thing, forget what they said, we, the majority of the Supreme Court, are now your god.”


h/t: Right Wing Watch

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