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Pro-Cruz robo call: ‘Beware gay-friendly Trump’

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Mere hours before Republican voters were heading to the South Carolina polls, a pro-Cruz group was compulsively zapping voters with robo-calls warning that Donald Trump was a rabid advocate for gay rights and would force innocent Americans to “to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings.”

Buzzfeed reports that the call begs voters to choose Cruz over Trump “before it’s too late.”

“It’s about mandatory celebration,” the robot warbles. “It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings. Forcing clergy to officiate. It’s about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school. It’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values. It’s about tearing down our America.”

The call urges voters to support Cruz over Trump “before it is too late.”

Cruz’s official campaign insists they had nothing to do with the call.

Hear the call, captured by Buzzfeed, below:

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