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Marco Rubio: Trump is ‘a spray-tanned pants-wetter’

Marco Rubio: Trump is ‘a spray-tanned pants-wetter’
Republican presidential candidate Donald TrumpPhoto: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s is throwing fresh jabs at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, inviting the crowd to “have a little fun.”

Rubio is shifting from policy to personal attacks on Trump , mocking everything from the billionaire businessman’s tan to subtle questions about his manhood. He even implied that Trump wet his pants during a recent debate.

Crowds across the South appear receptive to the junior senator’s change in tone, exploding into cheers and laughter at the digs. But individually, many voters sheepishly smile and acknowledge that the turn is unfortunate but necessary for anyone to take down Trump.

Come what may for Rubio, his attacks on Trump, the favorite in most of this week’s Super Tuesday polls, exposes a deeply-root antipathy for Trump among a segment of the Republican electorate.

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