Instant noodles and baby formula ‘make people gay’

Instant noodles and baby formula ‘make people gay’

Many people are displeased at a city mayor in Indonesia who suggested instant noodles and formula milk should be blamed for “making babies gay.”

The ridiculous assertions were made by Arief R. Wismansyah earlier this week during a pregnancy seminar.

Accordian to Indonesian website Okezone, Wismansyah said, “To create Indonesian children that are healthy, smart, and competitive, the most important thing is, from the beginning, to provide them adequate nutrition, especially breastfeeding.”

As parents become busier, he said canned milk and instant noodles are becoming the chief diet of many infants, so “no wonder there are more LGBT.”

Then, apparently just to be that way, he said: “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Asep”.

Clearly on a roll, Wismansyah then became very angry at the Internet and all the social media, for it is they who promote all the LGBTQ thoughts and voices that were apparently influenced by noodles and powdered milk.

He said parents should keep up with technology and stay abreast of what websites their kids were looking at.

He said a lot.

According to The Telegraph, the wily word rampage comes on the heels of another Indonesian politician, who warned the LGBTQ movement was as potentially dangerous as nuclear war.

Those comments came from Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu:

“[The LGBT movement] is dangerous as we can’t see who our foes are, but out of the blue everyone is brainwashed – now the (LGBT) community is demanding more freedom, it really is a threat.”


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