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Antigay marriage ad depicts woman about to be hung by a rainbow noose

Last summer, The Marriage Alliance outraged Australians with a badly-produced antigay marriage commercial that ran, ironically enough, during a commercial break for “I Am Cait.”

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This week, they’re back — with an ad featuring a flummoxed young professional who’s about to be unceremoniously hanged with a rainbow-hued noose. And right at her desk, too.

The copy reads: “Same Sex Marriage Increases PC Bullying In The Workplace.”

Australian MP Tim Watts is, of course, highly displeased:

While the Australian Marriage Alliance claims to speak for mainstream Australia and the silent majority, it will not disclose who funds it, or who who is a member of it. This is a group that regularly quotes data opposing marriage equality but refuses to disclose the sources for this data…”

You can watch his speech here:

Meanwhile, Twitter users wasted no time in voicing their own outrage and concern.

Have you heard of the Pastor Protection Act?

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