A real-life friendship between a male tiger and a goat is being decried in Russia as ‘gay propaganda’

A real-life friendship between a male tiger and a goat is being decried in Russia as ‘gay propaganda’


As you read this, a roving band of Russian prosecutors have banded together to decide whether or not the media’s fascination with an unlikely but nevertheless very real friendship between a male tiger and goat in could be — should be — considered “gay propaganda.”

Lawyer Alexei Krestyanov first expressed his ire to the prosecutor general last month, concerned that this wayward slice-of-life story about a male tiger and goat amicably living together in a safari park could irrevocably harm The Children by promoting “interest in non-traditional sexual relations.”

He wrote, “I think the positive coverage of this topic is nothing less than interference in the personal lives of minors, which is what hidden propaganda is, and public, active imposition of homosexuality.”

According to The Guardian, the prosecutor’s office in the Primorsky region is diligently invesigation these allegations. How, exactly, we do not know.

The two fluffy animals have become national heroes. Timur the goat was merely meant to be a tasty snack-treat for Amur the Siberian tiger, but, in an inspiring reversal of what we too often see in human relationships, the two creatures instead became friends when the stubborn goat totally took over Amur’s enclosure and forced the predator to sleep on the roof of his own lair.

Footage of the two gallivanting and romping together soon went viral. Hearts melted, except the very iciest.

As The Guardian notes, Krestyanov cited a children’s right law in his complaint, but his language is more akin to the law against gay propaganda passed in 2012; a byproduct of President Vladimir Putin’s growing emphasis on “family values.”

The stress of all this uninvited media attention has perhaps strained the relationship between Amur the Siberian Tiger and Timur the goat. The later has been in the care of a veterinarian since late January after an attempt to headbutt Amur, who grabbed him by the neck with his fangs and gave him a good solid shaking.


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