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Two transgender teens are on a violent robbery spree through Oklahoma and Texas

Two transgender teens are currently on the run and wanted by Oklahoma authorities for a spate of crimes including robbing pedestrians at gunpoint.

18-year-old Marcus Roland and 15-year-old Kaleb Sanders have already committed a number of violent robberies in Muskogee, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, Kansas over the last twenty days, and they’re still at large.

One victim claims the two held a gun to her head while robbing her at work. They’ve already robbed a handful of Dollar General convenience stores in the area.

According to Newson6, cops first heard of Roland and Sanders after receiving a call that the two were embroiled in a fight.

Responding to the call, cops found that Roland was particularly insolent and had no respect for authority: she refused to follow the cop’s orders and, in fact, gave him some of her own:

Officer: “Step out of the car.”
Roland: “I don’t have to.”
Officer: “Step out of the car.”
Roland: “For what, I didn’t do nothing.”
Officer: “I’m giving you a lawful order.”
Roland: “I didn’t do anything.”
Officer: “I’m giving you a lawful order.”
Roland: “I’ll give you a order.”
Officer: “I’m giving you a lawful order.”
Roland: “You don’t have the right to open my car door.”
Officer: “Ma’am..”
Roland: “But, you don’t.”
Officer: “There’s a felony that’s been committed.”
Roland: “A felony has not been committed.”
Officer: “Step out of the car.”

Roland ultimately left the officer high and dry, skidding off with Sanders in the passenger seat and two young children in the back.

They led the cops on a high-speed chase and were eventually caught and arrested.

Roland was given bond, since it was feared jail would be too dangerous for a transgender teen.

Sanders was released, assumed to be just a teenage tag-along.

Four days later, it was clear the police had made a mistake. That’s when the two teens robbed a Dollar General in Muskogee, terrorizing two employees at gunpoint. (One of whom was pregnant.)Surveillance photo of the two teens.

The teens taped the employees’ hands, legs, and mouths, repeatedly warning that they wanted to shoot someone.

“Oh my God, I’m going to die,” said one of victims. “That was my first thought. I was terrified.”

They stole her car, which authorities found a week later in Moore.

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