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The Latest: Clinton, Sanders react to Obama comments

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Here are the latest developments from the 2016 race for president, one week out from the Iowa caucuses.

10 p.m

Hillary Clinton says she is “touched and gratified” by President Barack Obama’s recent comments on her candidacy.

During a CNN town hall in Des Moines Monday night, Clinton reacted to Obama’s assessment of the race in an interview with Politico.

Obama called Clinton “wicked smart,” and said her strengths can be her weaknesses. Praising her extensive preparation for the Oval Office, Obama said Clinton’s experience had taught her to “campaign more in prose than poetry.”

The former Secretary of State said she was “really touched and gratified when I saw that.”

Earlier in the evening, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders reacted to Obama’s comments in the interview that the president does not have the “luxury” to focus on one thing.

Sanders said the president was right. But he said he is up for the job: “I think I have the background. I think I have the judgment to do that.”

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