How Adam Rippon won at U.S. Figure Skating Championships: ‘I’m a witch’

At 26, figure skater Adam Rippon has waited years to win his national championship.

At least in skating years.

His first medal, a silver on the novice level, came when he was just 16 years old in 2005, so to nab the gold eleven years later is nothing short of a coup in the skating world.

What’s his secret?

According to him, it’s being a witch.

During his post-win interview, a reporter at NBC Sports said to Rippon, “26 years old — some people have written you off. What message are you sending with this performance and with this title?”

Rippon answered, “I’m like a witch, and you can’t kill me! I keep coming back every year, and every year, I get better.”

Watch his interview below:

Here’s the routine that won him the gold:

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