Donald Trump admits antigay hate group leader Tony Perkins helps write his speeches

Tony Perkins, the leader of the notoriously antigay Family Research Group, is helping Donald Trump write his speeches.

In an interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon, Trump clarified the “Two Corinthians” gaffe at his Liberty University speech earlier this week, acknowledging that Perkins had helped him write the speech, and describing him as “a very, very good guy.”

Here’s a quick primer on Perkins’ greatest hits: he’s previously stated there will be “deadly” consequences if the gay rights movement succeeds; thinks Christian businesses should donate LGBTQ profits to ex-gay ministries; and urged parents to yank their children from a public school after its principal came out. And those are but three examples of many.

Teaming up with a proud homophobe like Perkins suggests Trump has no qualms about pandering to the far right every which way in order to get his nomination.

Watch Lemon’s interview with  Trump:

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