An open letter to the Republican House member we saw on Grindr this weekend

An open letter to the Republican House member we saw on Grindr this weekend
Addressing the Southwestern Virginia GOP lawmaker who cruised Grindr this past snowy weekend:

First- welcome to RVA – I’ve visited your part of the state before and imagine the number of available dudes here in the Richmond area v. the part of Virginia where you call home is exciting!

As a gay man, I’d never shame someone for wanting to explore their sexuality as long as it is done in a safe and healthy way, so I hope you’re getting the chance to enjoy it!

But- while I’m on the topic of support, when you’re ready to come out, I hope you’ll take advantage of some of the resources available here in the Capital – folks like Diversity Richmond are always there for you!

Alright, lets also talk about your role as a legislator and how it impacts and affects LGBTQ people in the rest of the Commonwealth. I’ve looked up your voting record and there’s a number of things you voted against which makes me wonder;

Do you ever want to have kids? You voted to make it harder for same-sex couples to adopt by allowing state funded adoption agencies to deny adoptions to people that violate their moral “conscience.”

Even if you don’t want children some day, you have made it damn near impossible for the people you’re trying to sleep with to do the same here in Virginia.

What college did you go to? (I actually know, I googled you!) Well, other folks still in college, like the young man you hit up on Grindr who alerted me, are now living in a state university & college system which allows select official school clubs to discriminate pretty much at will. Those clubs can also gather to rally around causes which could harm LGBTQ folks.

Is that part of your pick up strategy? State-sanctioned negging? It’s been a while since I’ve been single, but you’re a bit too old to be counting on low self esteem to get you laid.

Speaking of age, you totally lied on your profile – also tacky! (Google is an editor’s best friend.)

I know you’re obviously not out at work here at the General Assembly, but I have to ask why you would vote against a law which would have protected LGBTQ Virginian’s for being fired for who they love.

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