Here’s how women react to discovering their husbands are gay

Women have taken to the Whisper app to confess their disappointment and anger upon discovering their husbands are homosexuals. Derek de Koff

Women have been taking to the Whisper app upon discovering they married gay men.

Some handle it better than others, though obviously it’s still not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in.

Scroll down to read how they’re dealing…

My husband and I separated a year ago and today he told me he


I just found out my boyfriend is gay and we agreed on a threesome before we call it off

My boyfriend just told me he was gay. I wish he would have told me before I fell in love with him

My boyfriend finally admitted that the reason he doesn

My boyfriend just told me he

I just found out that my boyfriend is gay today… I don

I found out my boyfriend was cheating with another man. I ignore the fact that he

Today, I found out my boyfriend was gay by some of his close friends. Whenever I look in the mirror now, I wish I saw a guy instead of a girl.

So my boyfriend broke up with me last night. He just called me to apologize and told me he

My boyfriend of almost one year told me he

My boyfriend is gay. I

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