Gun attack at gay party in Acapulco leaves three dead, five wounded

It's unknown whether this was an antigay attack or emblematic of the largely drug-fueled violence plaguing the region.Photo:

Three people were killed and five more wounded when gunmen opened fire on a gay festival in Mexico’s southern tourist resort of Acapulco, Agence France-Presse reports.

Attackers stormed Tres Palos on the edge of the city where the “Reina Gay” festival was taking place, opening fire into the crowd with apparently no specific target.

Though the three victims have not been identified in the press, it is confirmed they were all male between the ages of 23 and 33.

Also unclear is whether the attack was antigay or just part of the largely drug-fueled violence that’s been plaguing the region.

Acaplulco has the highest homicide rate in the nation, and many nearby schools have closed in recent weeks in response to the spike of bloodshed surrounding the coastal city.

Last year, 43 Mexican teachers’ college students were kidnapped and murdered by a gang in Ayotzinapa, about 150 miles from Acapulco.

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