Gay man murdered in San Bernardino shootings saved 4 people’s lives

Gay man murdered in San Bernardino shootings saved 4 people’s lives

The memorial service for 42-year-old Daniel Kaufman took place this Saturday, honoring the gay man who was murdered while working at a coffee cart inside the Inland Regional Center for people with disabilities in San Bernadino.

He was shot to death when Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik attacked the facility, ultimately murdering 14 people and wounding dozens more.

Right now, the massacre is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Groups associated with Daesh have claimed credit for the murders.

As more details of the horrible day have emerged, Daniel Kaufman has been revealed to be a hero.

When the shootings began, Daniel was in the hallway of the facility.

Always concerned more about the safety of others than himself, he began shouting “Get out! Go! Get out now! Hurry!”

As shots rang out, Kaufman began pushing people out of harm’s way, rushing them to the safety of the door before he was himself shot and killed.

A source close to Ryan Reyes, Kaufman’s surviving partner, says he’s credited with saving 4 people’s lives.

Reyes will be telling his story this week on the Dr. Phil show.

Daniel was known as the one person in his wide circle of friends as the guy to turn you when in need of an uplifting conversation or were in need of a laugh.

On Saturday, many of those people congregated at Irwindale, California’s Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area to remember Daniel.

Friends shared stories of Daniel, alternately laughing and crying as they retold intimate exchanges, recalled their final memories of him and their favorite things about him.

Ryan Reyes, his partner of three years, retold some of Daniel’s favorite stories. He said Kaufman lived to make people laugh.

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