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Gay cousin of Kathyrn Knott urges jury to ‘let her go home’

Gay cousin of Kathyrn Knott urges jury to ‘let her go home’

As the jury in alleged gay basher Kathryn Knott‘s trial continues to deliberate, a young man claiming to be Knott’s gay cousin has posted an urgent message on Facebook in defense of the 25-year-old police chief’s daughter.

“For those of you who don’t know, my cousin Kathryn’s name has been slandered, as she has been harshly accused of crimes that involved an assault on individuals in supposed response to their sexual orientations,” the note begins.

Perkins goes on to say Knott is not homophobic.

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“Kathryn had never once made me feel uncomfortable for being or expressing myself,” Perkins writes. “This is a girl who loves so kindly that even my young and confused self could find comfort in her presence.”

“And yet,” Perkins continues, “this is the girl whose reputation is being brutally attacked in a misguided effort to protect a community that I know she cares about. And that is not okay.”

“To my brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings in the LGBTQ+ community of Pennsylvania, I’d like to say this: our fight for equality cannot be won at the expense of an innocent girl’s, this innocent girl’s, expense.”

He concludes his missive with a plea to the jury in Knott’s trial, begging: “To the jury members who have to make a decision tomorrow: please allow Kathryn to go home.”

Assistant District Attorney Michael Barry brought the note to the attention of Judge Roxanne Covington, who has been presiding over the case. Barry said he did not believe the jury had seen the post, however, so Covington chose not to take any actions over it.

Jury deliberations carried on into the lunch recess today. A verdict is expected at any moment.

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