Christmas crusaders’ latest outrage: Starbucks’ polar bear cookies

Chewy holiday confection... or underhanded propaganda calling for a full-throttle polar bear massacre? The jury is out there.Photo:

First it was those nefarious red cups, and now this.

Starbucks’ latest Satanic affront on Christmas — if we are to believe the droves of knee-jerk “activists” on Twitter — come in the deceptively evil form of a sugar cookie.

Baked deep into these doughy delights is the coffee giant’s message: death to Christmas.

See for yourself:

Except there’s one relevant detail these folk (and there are many, many similar posts decrying foul play across social media) may want to keep in mind: The cookies in question were part of the 2010 holiday menu at Starbucks, and haven’t been sold since.

For those wondering what devilish confections are in store this year, here’s a preview:

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