Austrian city removes its gay-themed traffic lights

Street lights with same gender pairs, on display in downtown Vienna, Austria. The lights were set up by city officials until June, to coincide with a number of gay-friendly events. LGBTQ Nation

The signals were mounted in hopes of promoting gay tolerance.

Now they’ve been taking down

The BBC reports that an Austrian city has done away with the crossing lights depicting same-sex figures holding hands.

First introduced in Vienna last May, the signals were introduced by other cities after gaining in popularity.

But in the city of Linz, a right-wing leader who always squarely opposed the signals called them “unnecessary.”

“Traffic lights are for traffic and should not be misused to impart advice on how to live your life,” local official Markus Hein told the BBC.

He says that since gay rights are already moving along in the country, there’s simply no need for the signals.

Many officials and advocates who support the signals say their removal symbolizes a step backwards for gay rights.

h/t: BBC

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