Why are gay members of Congress supporting GOP bill to restrict Syrian refugees?

First, it singles out refugees from Syria or Iraq–or anyone who “has been present in Iraq or Syria at any time on or after March 1, 2011″ for special treatment. Secondly, it requires three top Federal officials–FBI Director, Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence to cerify that each “covered alien is not a threat to the security of the United States.” And while Maloney thinks the administration could get around this through an “automatic certification process,” Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey both said the House bill would create significant new burdens for the administration. “To ask me to have my FBI director or other members of the administration to make personal guarantees would effectively grind the program to a halt,” said Lynch.

The whole debate may become soon become moot. First, the bill has to get through the Senate, and minority leader Harry Reid has said that will never happen.

And even if it does get through the Senate, the President has said he will veto it, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has predicted that the House would sustain his veto.

Despite his vote yesterday, Maloney has not ruled out voting to sustain Obama’s veto if the bill does come back to the house.


As for the equally tortured Polis, who is from a family of Jewish refugees, this is what he said on his Facebook page:

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