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Two straight Brazilian actors make out — to stick it to “macho card-carriers”

Bruno Gagliasso and Joao Vicente de Castro, two of Brazil’s most famous actors, shared a rather long and by the looks of it, wet, kiss on stage at the Brazilian GQ Men of the Year Awards in Rio de Janeiro.

The straight-identifying celebrities say they wanted to make a stand against homophobia and machismo, showing that it’s OK for guys to be openly affectionate towards one another.

Gagliasso posted a photo of the kiss to his Instagram, dedicating the smooch to all the “macho card-carriers, hypocritical and prejudiced.”

Gagliasso has been a long-time supporter of LGBTQ rights, and has played a gay character on a popular Brazilian soap. In the past he’s spoken out against the machismo culture that spreads the idea that being anything other than straight devalues one’s “manliness.”

Watch the kiss in action below:

H/t: The Randy Report

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