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This teen accidentally came out to his conservative father. His dad’s response is perfect.

There are some coming out stories that’ll make your cry. Some might make you laugh, or wince, or beam with joy. In short — everyone’s story is uniquely their own, and often times, coming out induces every reaction mentioned and more.

Like, for instance, when Reddit user mnotaseese79 (real name Brett) inadvertently came out to his conservative father via Snapchat on the eve of his 20th birthday.

“I had called myself a fa**ot in my snapchat story when I was drunk and one of my siblings must have showed him,” Brett explains.

But instead of expressing homophobia, Brett’s dad sent him these texts:


“It’s certainly better than dad saying ‘I feel like I have nothing to live for anymore’, which is what mine said,” wrote one commenter.

Another commenter, BalooUriza, shared a similar experience.

He accidentally sent his father a picture of him in a “fursuit” with his boyfriend at Tulsa Pride. His dad waited until his son’s phone location didn’t say “work” to “call and say we make a cute couple.” Now the whole family, including the boyfriend, are planning a trip.

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