Review: ‘Dada Woof Papa Hot’ is a tender, well-acted play

Alan and Rob also swap parenting strategies with Alan’s best friend Michael, (a delightfully down to earth John Pankow), and his controlling wife, Serena (Kellie Overbey, bright and brisk). Tammy Blanchard portrays another straight mom at the playground, and both the moms are often shown yelling at their kids or their babysitter, even when, in Serena’s case, the sitter is her mother.

Parnell accurately covers commonalities between gay and straight parenting, even as he also delves into differences. One character, pondering the challenges facing young gay men and women who have some tough realities to face after winning the battle to get married and have kids, muses out loud, “And being married will still mean dividing time between work and being a parent, and between loving one person and loving a number of people, and between being independent and being tied down.”

As the couples struggle with their relationships while trying to be good parents, Alan works through some of his parental fears in a sweet analogy to “Peter and the Wolf” that any parent can relate to.

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