Pat Robertson: God will bankrupt America for allowing gay marriage

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Christian television host Pat Robertson predicts that LGBTQ rights will inspire God to wreak havoc on America’s financial markets, warning viewers of his show “The 700 Club” to expect God to strike back against “sodomites” soon.

Robertson asserts that America has turned into Sodom ever since it “enshrined sodomy into the United States Constitution”. As an example, he calls to mind cities like Houston that are trying to “force women to go into men’s bathrooms and men to go into women’s bathrooms.”

“Now it’s a constitutional right for sodomites to marry each other,” he sighs, insisting that “the wrath of God is revealed against this stuff.”

“I don’t want the wrath of God to hit this country,” he says. “It’s a great country. I’d like to see America continue strong, but this is one way of weakening it. First of all, we’re going to have this financial collapse. We’re setting up for a massive financial collapse and I think if God is going to hurt this country that’s probably the way he’d do it.”

Watch his wild-eyed assessment of the state of America below:

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