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Boxer Yusaf Mack comes out as gay

Boxer Yusaf Mack comes out as gay

Another turn in the story of boxer Yusaf “Mack Attack” Mack: Just days after coming out as bisexual, the 35-year-old self-proclaimed “straight father-of-ten” now says that he’s gay.

In a new interview taped earlier this week with Fox 29 in Philadelphia, Mack told reporter Quincy Harris: “I’m tired of holding it in. It is what it is. I live my life. I’m gay,” adding that he’s been aware of his sexuality for “about eight years.”

This is quite the reversal from seven days ago.

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Last week, Mack denied his involvement in a gay skin flick that appeared on the website

He told that he had absolutely no memory of making the tape and suggested the production company had drugged him.

After released a statement accusing Mack of slander, the boxing champ walked back the whole “I was drugged” story and admitted he was “completely aware and fully conscious during the film.”

Mack says it’s the only porn he ever did, and that he had no idea what the response would be.

He also said he was surprised when people saw it and recognized him: “I didn’t think nobody from Philadelphia would see it!”

And as for why he filmed it in the first place, Mack said he was desperate.

“I was down and out,” he explained. “I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

The release of the tape, he added, has “hurt” him and his children. He claims his oldest daughter, who is 23 (which means he had her when he was 12), told him he should kill himself after the embarrassment he’s inflicted upon the family.

But he’s not letting all that get him down.

“I’m free, I’m happy,” he said. “The truth is out, and I’m sorry. … I’m still me. So when you see me on the streets, I’m still Yusaf Mack.”

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