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A gay dad sounds off on the “purity” parents who want to keep LGBT info out of sex ed

Children from LGBT families are pure. They’re innocent. Children who themselves are LGBT are innocent. All children need to be respected. Teaching your kids to disrespect mine is not “purity” and it’s not acceptable.

They all need information that will help them discover who they are. They need to know about the people around them who can help them better understand themselves.

Ms. Rabuck, ignorance is not purity. Education can improve the health of our kids, lead them to worthwhile choices and, in many cases, save their lives.

I know of a mother who held out on her son in terms of both understanding him, as well as helping him to understand himself. She realized her mistake as he lie dying in a coma after his suicide attempt. Don’t be that mother.

She received her “purity”, but I wouldn’t wish pure sorrow on anyone, especially on those who genuinely love their kids.

So yes, you want “purity” for your kids. You want to keep them innocent, optimistic, free in spirit.

I want the same thing for my kids, and for kids who are discovering they’re LGBT. I don’t ask for “purity”, but another “-ity” entirely.

Dignity. That’s what you should be shouting about.

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