7-year-old threatened with expulsion for talking about her gay dads

“The [school] board are firm in their view that families have a mother and father who raise children jointly. The board also has a strong view that families with same-sex parents do not support a Christian world view. I mentioned to the parent that if his daughter was to continue this topic of discussion with her peers, then it would be in both his and his daughter’s interests to move to a school that would support his world view.”

Newhouse further elucidated to 9 News, saying the girl was openly discussing “her disappointment with Tony Abbott, the then-prime minister, not allowing her dad and his partner to marry.”

In a letter to parents, he wrote that the “Christian values being taught in the classroom were being undermined. It’s not helpful to confuse children at such a young age with complex and controversial issues.”

“She’s the one who brought it up,” argues Kim Simes, Midwest regional manager for the national nonprofit Family Equality Council,
so clearly it’s not confusing to a 7-year-old.”

She tells Yahoo Parenting:

“I think as adults, we’re the ones who muck it up and make these issues controversial. The kids are fine with it. That’s one of the worst forms of bullying there is — to be given the message of ‘your family isn’t worthy,’ and that this is not a safe place to talk about it. [It’s] horrific, and it breaks my heart to know that school officials, who are supposed to have the best interest of kids in mind, are using tactics like that.”

Despite the fact that it’s a Christian school, many parents disagree with the administration’s stance. They’ve emailed the school or posted their views on Facebook.

More than 20,000 have signed a petition, which urgse the local Minister for Education in Australia to “ban schools rejecting kids based on homophobia,” especially since the private school receives “millions of taxpayer dollars.”

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