Roger Moore: 007 can’t be gay, or a woman

Roger Moore: 007 can’t be gay, or a woman
Roger Moore
Roger Moore AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer

On the heels of the release of Spectre, the latest James Bond film, Daniel Craig has come out as being in favor of a gay James Bond.

“Anything’s possible,” he recently told Sky News. “You can do anything as long as it’s credible and it works. It doesn’t matter.”

But a former James Bond, 88-year-old Sir Roger Moore, disagrees.

“I have heard people talk about how there should be a lady Bond or a gay Bond,” he says, “but they wouldn’t be Bond for the simple reason that wasn’t what Ian Fleming wrote” he told the Mail on Sunday.

“It is not about being homophobic or, for that matter, racist – it is simply about being true to the character,” he says.

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