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Is this DirectTV ad starring Peyton Manning offensive and homophobic?

DirectTV ad starring Peyton Manning
DirectTV ad starring Peyton Manning

DirectTV is clearly trying for some eye-grabbing Geico-style absurdity with their recent ads starring Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

In each ad, Peyton claims he has DirectTV, unlike his pitch-shifted alter ego “Really High Voice Peyton Manning” — who screams like a little girl at the barest provocation, and happens to still own cable — and “Skinny Legs Peyton,” a far wimpier version of the athlete, who also owns cable.

The idea, clearly, is that anyone who still owns cable are wimps and sissies.

Real men, on the other hand, won’t settle for anything less than DirectTV.

Since the ads began airing in September, disgruntled viewers have been posting their complaints to Twitter:

What do you think? Are the below ads offensive?

Or are they merely silly?

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