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How these two gay dads are redefining family is truly inspiring

Donovan Gutierrez and Eric Alvarado
Donovan Gutierrez and Eric Alvarado

Donovan Gutierrez and Eric Alvarado both grew up with traditional Mexican backgrounds, where marrying women and starting families wasn’t just encouraged, it was expected.

And half of that equation resonated: Both wanted badly to be fathers, but they knew deep down that they were gay. They both sacrificed their true selves and tried to lead the lives they believed were meant for them.

But cold reality has a way of creeping into even the best made plans.

Eric was married for two years, during which time he and his wife separated three times before finally breaking up for good.

Donovan lasted nine years in his marriage. Three years ago, he and his wife divorced.

With parents who didn’t understand their decisions to come out and custody battles playing out, the stress was real.

As time passed, things got smoother. And that’s when the two met online and discovered how much they had in common.

“It seems like we never stopped talking. Every time I went out on a date or whatever, he came into my mind,” Donovan remembers.

Their connection grew, and they finally decided to merge their families, embarking on a new chapter together with their kids.

Now they both share a home in California and plan to get married.

“We wanted a traditional family per se,” Eric says. “I’m really looking forward to it. The way I’m looking at it, we’re starting from step one.”

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