Artist grades his own hate mail; gives poorly worded letter ‘D minus’

Detail from Conor Collins' Caitlyn Jenner piece
Detail from Conor Collins’ Caitlyn Jenner piece

Several months back, artist Conor Collins received a great deal of media attention for his latest piece, a portrait of Caitlyn Jenner painstakingly crafted out of hateful Tweets about her.

Not surprisingly, his own artwork received a piece of hate mail, too. Rather than tossing it into the nearest trash bin, Buzzfeed reports that he decided to grade it instead.

Click on the letter to read in full:


“All I would say is don’t let trolls drag you down to their level,” Collins told Buzzfeed. “Only a person unhappy in their own lives wants to spend their free time bringing others down. Being too busy being happy is the best revenge I’d say. The more hate messages you are getting, the more likely you are doing something that is making change. So my first postal hate mail felt like a healthy progression.”

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