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Following savage attack, gay man dies after doctors remove part of his brain

Following savage attack, gay man dies after doctors remove part of his brain
Mikhail Pischevsky
Mikhail Pischevsky

Following a savage attack that caused him to suffer a brain hemorrhage, a gay man has died.

In 2014, architect Mikhail Pischevsky was attacked shortly after leaving a nightclub in Minsk, Belarus.

A man named Dmitry Lukashevich shouted homophobic abuse at his victim before carrying out a vicious attack.

The beating left Pischevsky with massive head injuries.

Following several operations, doctors had to make the difficult decision to remove roughly twenty percent of Pischevsky’s brain in hopes of saving him.

However, he never regained consciousness after the attack, and passed away on October 27.

For “unintentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm,” his attacker Lukashevich was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail, plus paying Mihail $8,300 and his mother $3,300.

The gross injustice is that Dmitry, after only serving 11 months of his sentence, was released on amnesty.

“We demand justice for Mikhail Pischevsky,” said a group of activists from the Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association. “Why has Mikhail’s killer not been charged with murder? We demand the answer.”

There was a protest and vigil for Mr. Pischevsky this morning at 10am in New York City.

The Facebook invitation reads in part:

Mikhail’s killer was not charged with battery or assault. He was charged with hooliganism and negligence despite severe bodily injuries that he caused, despite numerous testimonies of witnesses about the attack, despite the fact that the attacker used homophobic slurs during the crime and during the trial. Mikhail had suffered for 17 months and died. His killer was set free after 11 months.

h/t: Pink News

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