A gay dad’s note to the Pope: You snubbed us for Kim Davis? Really?

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Last week, I invited the pope to join my family for dinner. It was largely a symbolic gesture, although I had a housecleaning action plan and menu picked out in case he accepted.

It wasn’t that I wanted him to meet my family specifically. I wanted him to simply sit face to face with a family like mine. My two sons were adopted out of foster care and were both in situations that were life-threatening and dire. Our family in the world of LGBT parents is not unique. A great number have stories about kids who’ve gone from lives of potential abuse and neglect to homes where their parents love and honor them.

My point to the pope was simply: Before you judge us, you can at the very least sit with us and see what we are about.

The pope covered a lot of ground during his visit to America. But one thing he didn’t do is meet with any LGBT families. To his credit, while he was here, he didn’t overtly bash of us either.

At least, not until he was on his way out.

Like a kid who’s been an absolute angel all afternoon, only to totally prank out at the end, the Pope shot a spit-wad to the LGBT community as his parting gift:

He secretly met with Kim Davis and put his seal of approval on her behavior.

Here is my letter of regret:

Dear Pope Francis,

We sat staring at the empty chair at our dinner table. We had hoped it would be filled by you. True, the chance that you’d accept our invitation was a long shot.

It turns out it was an even longer shot than we thought

While in America, you gave plenty of moving speeches. You talked of family and how you wished young people would be inspired to start one. You talked of love and bonds and principles that I agree with.

As you were leaving, we could have walked away with the feeling that some common ground had been met. Instead, you disappointed and betrayed us.

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