A gay dad sounds off on the day Mike Huckabee waged war on a bag of potato chips

A gay dad sounds off on the day Mike Huckabee waged war on a bag of potato chips
Mike Huckabee
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My sons love Doritos. Jesse is a Nachos Doritos guy, and Jason, always his own man, loves the Ranch-flavored.

I love the It Gets Better Project. They have provided inspiration and help for teens at risk for suicide. It’s a cause that no one in their right mind could be against. Yes, Mike Huckabee, take that for all it’s worth — you’re an idiot.

The recent campaign — in which Doritos sold bags of rainbow chips to raise money for the It Gets Better Project — brought smiles to our household. The campaign went well, and before we could get on the computer to order our special bag, it was over. Sold out.

A new money-making scheme has taken its place. Mike Huckabee, a financial wizard of the Bigotry Industry, has stepped in to capitalize on a very scant, and now consumed, bunch of corn chips. He knows full well that homophobia sells, and he is out to make his bucks on the back of Doritos. More to the point, he is seeking to make money by demonizing the at-risk teens who are driven to self-destruction by the rhetoric he produces.

Huckabee does this under the guise of being “Christian.” He claims Christianity is important to him. But few have done so much harm to the true precepts of Christianity as Mike Huckabee. I would go so far as to say that Huckabee is to the heart of Christ what Judas Iscariot was to Jesus. He betrays it with a kiss.

A rich man donates to hate; Huckabee organizes a campaign to make him richer. A homophobe incest abuser is found out; Huckabee rationalizes away all he has done. A woman dishonors her office and tries to humiliate loving families, and there’s Huckabee, holding her hand. Now, Huckabee’s attacking an organization that’s saved the lives of thousands of teens. And he’s done it all under the banner of “Christianity.” If you believe him, Huckabee has gutted the soul of Christ of its love and compassion, and replaced it with bigotry and homophobia.

“Meet your new sick partner,” Huckabee said to Doritos, framing the It Gets Better Project as a “hate group.” As he did so, he tweeted to his legions “Stand by me,” which basically translates to “send money.”

How does Huckabee justify doing this to an organization that’s so profoundly good? Two words: Dan Savage.

Dan Savage loathes Huckabee. Dan Savage also loathes Rick Santorum. Both men totally deserve Savage’s scorn. Dan’s tactics aren’t gentle, nor should they be discussed at the family dinner table. Dan Savage is the LGBTQ version of Donald Rumsfeld: he embraces “shock and awe.” He seeks to appall and disgust the card-carrying homophobes to their pearl-clutching cores. And he succeeds.

It started with Rick Santorum, who sought to write LGBT people out of the U.S. Constitution years ago (and likely still wants to do so). Savage created a vile definition for “santorum”, which was naughty and creative and went viral. It went straight to Google Heaven and there the definition sat, greeting every search for “santorum” thereafter.

Savage’s attack on Huckabee wasn’t as widespread, but it was still calculated to obliterate sensibilities. He made a recording, not for the faint of heart, that turns a Savage/Huckabee handshake into a sexual chronicle that would make even the most sexually liberated person say “Eww.” For the sexually repressed, it simply makes their head explode. (You can see what I’m talking about here.) O

Huckabee has long learned that homophobes are more willing to reach for their wallets when they’re angry. So, now that Kim Davis no longer of any use to him, he’s targeting… corn chips.

And so have I. Here’s my own letter to Doritos.

Dear Doritos,

It was with great joy that my family and I saw your latest campaign, “There is nothing BOLDER than being yourself.” I’m happy for your success and the contributions you’ve made to the It Gets Better Project.

That success is not without its costs, obviously. You’ve earned the vitriol of some folks, particularly those who follow Mike Huckabee.

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