The “voice” of Kim Davis-Wallace-McIntyre-Davis

The “voice” of Kim Davis-Wallace-McIntyre-Davis

Kim Davis
Kim Davis

I had determined that I was never going to write about Kim Davis-Wallace-McIntyre-Davis again.

I didn’t want to give her any more of my time, and quite frankly, I just want her to go away.

But I happened to read part of the interview she gave on Fox News, and discovered that she won’t quit her county clerk job because “she doesn’t want to lose her voice.” Her voice? Her homophobic, bigoted voice?

Then she added: “Why should I quit a job that I love that I’m good at?”

Good at her job? Last time I checked, she wasn’t doing her job. She’s still collecting her paycheck, but she’s most certainly not doing her job.

Things must really be different in the South, because here in California, she’d be looking for her voice and looking for a new job.

The thing is, it’s not about her voice. It’s about her job. That’s it. Nothing more.

Her religious voice should have nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with her job. She can use her voice and preach any of her religious balderdash outside of her place of employment with her “redneck, hillbilly” husband by her side, but inside that building, she needs to do her job. She needs to issue marriage licenses to anyone and everyone who qualifies. Period. Why is this so hard to understand and why can’t this be enforced? I’m so frustrated and disgusted with it all.

From the start, if she didn’t want to issue the marriage licenses to gays and lesbians, she could have simply stepped back and done her little “religious liberty” thing, but allowed her deputies to continue to do their jobs. Instead, she chose to become the pin-up girl for these gay-bashing, homophobic, bigoted folks who wrap themselves in crosses and The Bible and pretend they care about religious liberty.

I know what they care about, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of liberty. It has to do with hate, with ignorance and with discrimination. I don’t want to hear Mrs. Wallace-Davis-McIntyre–Davis’s “voice” anymore. I don’t want to read about her, I don’t want to feel compelled to write about her… I’m just done. Done.

And yet, I can’t be done. We can’t be done, because we must fight such ignorance if we’re ever to live in some semblance of peace and harmony with these religious zealots — these folk who believe the Supreme Court doesn’t matter, that love and compassion has no place in our society, that the Second Amendment is the only law of the land, that their God is the only one making the rules and their religion trumps anyone else on this Earth.

Organized religion. Oy.

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