Clerk Casey Davis: “It’s been a total injustice”

Clerk Casey Davis: “It’s been a total injustice”
Kentucky clerk Casey Davis
Kentucky clerk Casey Davis MSNBC

A second county clerk in Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses because of religious beliefs says he’s relieved that Kim Davis has been ordered released from jail.

Casey County clerk Casey Davis says he thinks a judge did the right thing Tuesday by ordering her release.

Davis, who is not related to Rowan County clerk, says: “It’s been a total injustice.”

Casey Davis is still not issuing marriage licenses. He says the conflict could come to his county next. He says only one same-sex couple has inquired about a license. They called the office and were told no licenses were being issued, and Davis says that’s the last he heard from them.

He says that gay marriage is a sin and that he’s willing to go to jail, as Kim Davis did. But he like many other clerks, Casey Davis hopes for a legislative solution; however, the state legislature isn’t scheduled to meet until January. The governor has refused to call a costly special session.

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