A gay dad sounds off on “pseudo-Christian” martyr Kim Davis

A gay dad sounds off on “pseudo-Christian” martyr Kim Davis
Kim Davis's mugshot
Kim Davis’s mugshot

Kim Davis is on her way to jail, and on her way to martyrdom. A judge found her in contempt for defying every legal entity extending up through the Supreme Court, and for continuing to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples.

She claims she did so “under God’s authority.”

She intentionally campaigned to be charged with the misdemeanor crime of “official misconduct,” for which she could be punished up to a year in jail. The couple that were denied a marriage license by Davis only wanted her penalized with fees. But that would’ve worked against Davis’s agenda.

Kim is one of two Clerks in Kentucky — both named Davis — that have turned into botched martyrs. How their misguided self-destruction plays out remains to be seen. When it does, we’ll all be very aware.

The Hate PR Media Machine will see to that.

Casey Davis, the other clerk, has vowed to fight to the death — even though no one is trying to kill him, nor has anyone hinted at wanting to kill him. He’s currently on a bike ride across the state in support of Kim Davis.

“I cannot let my sister go to jail without doing something to let others know of her plight,” he states. (They are not related; at least, not by blood.)

Kim Davis’s determination to suffer slings and arrows on behalf of her “faith” is a little more subtle than Casey’s bicycle trek. She’s carried her cross up the stations of the legal system, and now she’s at her final destination, eager to get right to the crucifixion part.

I wish I could warn Davis not to trust her traveling companions, the Liberty Counsel. They’re the ones brandishing the hammer and nails, and they’re the ones collecting all the ticket proceeds for the gruesome spectacle.

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