Right-wing pastor: Thwart this “reign of homo-fascism”

Scott Lively LGBTQ Nation

Right Wing Watch reports that right-wing pastor Scott Lively is warning America about “a relatively tiny handful of homosexual activists” who are working to “establish a reign of homo-fascism in the United States has turned United States centuries-old American values upside down and has turned its large Christian plurality (if not majority) into criminals.”

“Isn’t it true,” he writes, “that one man with the flimsiest of plans could utterly defeat the abortion industry and the LGBT agenda in short order – if God backed Him? So why have virtually all our efforts failed? It’s really pretty simple. The American church just doesn’t have God’s favor anymore. The brutal truth is the church has lost the so-called culture war and is now under occupation, like the French under the Nazis, with nothing left to do but organize resistance and plot to overthrow the occupiers through a political revolt.”

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