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Pundit: Rainbow-hued White House was “abominable”

Pundit: Rainbow-hued White House was “abominable”
Craig James
Craig James

Right Wing Watch reports that Family Research Council official Craig James spoke to Ken Barun of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association on Wednesday’s “Washington Watch,” discussing Franklin Graham’s upcoming tour “to encourage Christians to get out and vote, and to cast their ballots for candidates who uphold biblical principles.”

Ken Barun — who formerly worked under Nancy Reagan in the White House — revealed to James that when he first spotted The White House bright with “the gay colors” to celebrate LGBT Pride Month last june, “it was like someone stabbed me in the gut. “o cast sin in front of that house was abominable!”

James ardently agreed, telling Braun how his late grandparents “would throw up” if they knew what America has become.

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