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Pat Robertson: Marriage equality unleashed ‘a tide of evil’

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson

Right Wing Watch reports that televangelist Pat Robertson, speaking about marriage equality, warned Christians that “we are confronting right now a tide of evil that is like nothing that any of us have ever seen before.”

In an online video congratulating Charisma magazine on its 40 anniversary, Robertson said, “We have courts that have distorted the Constitution and turned our moral values on their ear. Who would have thought thirty or forty years ago when we began that the Supreme Court would have said that homosexuality is a constitutional right? Who would have thought the Supreme Court would have said marriage between homosexuals is a constitutional right? A tiny group of left-wing judges have distorted our culture, so voices have to be raised… I do not believe we’re going to be overwhelmed by the flood of evil, and believe God Almighty is in charge of things, and we’re going to see a revival. So as we hold on together and continue to stand fast to the Lord, we’re going to see victory.”

You can watch the segment below:

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