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Noebel: Teaching gay tolerance in schools is “child molestation”

Noebel: Teaching gay tolerance in schools is “child molestation”
David Noebel
David Noebel

Right Wing Watch reports Summer Ministries founder David Noebel appeared on a radio program called “Truth For Our Time” last week, where he talked with Iowa Religious Right activist and state Republican Party committeewoman Tamara Scott. This meeting of minds quickly came to the conclusion that the “homosexual revolution” is out to “destroy Christianity.”

Noebel warned that gay marriage is going to “affect everything,” and pointed out that children were already learning about the existence of gay people in public schools, which he claimed is tantamount to “child molestation”:

“They were already down in kindergarten, first, second and third grades teaching the younger innocents… And you talk about child molestation. This, to me, was child molestation. When you start teaching first-, second- and third-graders about the glories and wonders of the homosexual lifestyle, you know you’ve got a problem.”

Going so far as to say “the Obama administration put a flaming homosexual in charge of a good portion of our public education,” he warned that “this is very serious stuff…”

“The game plan is to destroy Christianity. That’s the game plan. Because they contend that Christianity has been very tough on the homosexuals for 2,000 years and now it’s time to get back at the whole thing and show them who’s really boss. So we’re in a very explosive cultural revolution.”

As an aside, he added that he wasn’t sure Western civilization could “survive another generation.”

Listen to the broadcast below:

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