Muslim drag queen receives death threats after documentary

Muslim drag queen receives death threats after documentary
Asifa Lahore
Asifa Lahore

Muslim Drag Queens aired last night to critical acclaim, a Channel 4 documentary that examined the lives of gay men and trans women who perform in a way that some view as completely opposite to their religion.

Gay Star News reports that the star of a documentary called Muslim Drag Queens has received death threats following Tuesday night’s airing of the Channel 4 documentary.

In the documentary, Asifa Lahore (boy name Asif) can be seen performing at drag shows, fasting during Ramadan and reading the Qu’ran.

He began receiving hate-filled emails shortly after the broadcast, such as “You call yourself a Muslim, you should be ashamed of yourself and killed” and “[we are] going to find [you] and kill [you] like ISIS would”.

One Twitter user posted: “Absolutely repulsed by the ‘Muslim’ drag queens on channel 4. No place for that in Islam at all. The sharia is perfect &needs implementation.”

Lahore posted a message to all the haters on Twitter:

In a statement to Gay Star News, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: “The contributors agreed to take part after extensive discussions about what appearing in the programme would involve and how much this would likely elevate their profiles.”

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