Jerusalem Pride attacker is admitted to psych ward

Yishai Schlissel is detained by plain-clothes police officers. AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

Police arresting Schlissel after the attack. AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

Police arresting Schlissel after the attack.

Gay Star News reports that the “ultra-Orthodox Jew” that attacked six people at Jerusalem Pride has been admitted to a psychiatric ward to decide whether or not he’s fit to stand trial.

Using a kitchen knife, Yishai Shlissel stabbed six marchers on July 30. Sixteen year-old Shira Banki, who was at the event to show support for her gay friends, died from her wounds three days later.

As has been widely reported, Shlissel was released from prison just three weeks prior to the attack, after having spent a decade behind bars for another knife attack at the 2005 Pride.

According to Israel National News, the fact that he was at the event at all can be chalked up to major mistakes made by the Israel Police and Israel Police Services. Shlissel was allegedly quite explicit about his intentions, and had even written them down two weeks prior. Authorities labeled him a “danger” but never asked him to report to police before or during this year’s march.

Meanwhile, extremist groups been hanging posters through Jerusalem praising theattack. One of them reads, “May all of the people of God be zealous as you.” Another quotes the Old Testament: “Whoever spills the blood of the wicked is as if he brought a sacrifice.”

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