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Donald Trump: Don’t fire people for being gay

Donald Trump doesn't think it's right to fire people for being gay.
Donald Trump doesn’t think it’s right to fire people for being gay. Richard Drew, AP

Republican presidential and opinionated billionaire Donald Trump has gone on the record to state that private companies shouldn’t be able to fire employees due to their sexuality.

During a recent interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, he told an interviewer, “Well, it’s a big discussion and I guess it’s getting a lot of negative rulings right now… and I’m willing courts to go with what the courts are saying. I don’t think it should be a reason, no.”

However, that’s not to say he’s altogether open-minded about homosexuality. Earlier in his campaign, he clarified his stance on gay marriage: “I live in New York. New York is a place with lots of gays, and I think it’s great but I’m not in favor of gay marriage.”

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