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Catholic parish disinvites gay groups during Pope’s visit

Pope Francis
Pope Francis Andrew Medichini, AP

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that LGBT groups who thought they’d be invited to the World Meeting on Families with Pope Francis in Philadelphia have subsequently been turned away.

St. John the Evangelist Church in downtown Philadelphia had initially been receptive to the idea of letting two advocacy groups for LGBT Catholics — New Ways Ministry and Equally Blessed — use the facilities to hold events, but both groups have suddenly been disinvited.

The pastor of St. John’s, Father John Daya, cancelled the events after receiving a phone call from the Archdiocese — right on the heels of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput announcing gay equality advocates couldn’t be a part of the World Meeting.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Ken Gavin, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese, said:

“It’s not about the individuals. It’s about the content of the programming and a consistent ethic regarding the meaning and purpose of human sexuality in the Catholic tradition.”

How many “straight” Republicans have had gay sex? Quite a few, actually.

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