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Cahn: Expect God’s judgement on gay marriage in September

Cahn: Expect God’s judgement on gay marriage in September
Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn

Right Wing Watch reports that Jonathan Cahn released a video this week which advises viewers to brace for God’s judgement this September — expect economic collapse, natural disaster, or a terrorist attack.

However, he also said that perhaps nothing would happen in September, because God “is sovereign and He doesn’t have to work according to our schedule or understanding.”

Nevertheless, he feels America at least deserves God’s wrath, because gay marriage.

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He said:

“I believe a great shaking is coming to America and the world. We have watched the apostasy of America continue, it has continued and it accelerating. The harbingers have not stopped, they have continued to manifest, which are indications of a nation progressing to judgment. How does judgment come? It can come in the form of collapse economically, financially, the nation’s blessing, sustenance being removed. It can also come in the form of natural disaster, earthquakes, famines, other things, many ways in the natural realm. It can also come in the form of man-made disaster, as in terrorism, war, as in 9/11.”

This summer, America crossed the line. This was a tectonic event, a seismic change with ramifications not just about marriage but about the future of the culture, of society, of religious freedom, of persecution and, I believe, judgment.”

Watch the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, below:

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