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Bryan Fischer thinks gays ‘are bringing slavery back’

Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer

Right Wing Watch reports Bryan Fischer thinks gay activists want to bring slavery back to the South.

On a recent airing of his radio show, Fischer talks about Mississippi, how it’s the last state to still ban gay adoption, and how that ban is currently being challenged in court.

He claims that “if the homosexual lobby is successful on this, then they will be forcing the state of Mississippi, against its will” to drop the gay adoption ban. This, he insists, is slavery.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that is just a form of tyranny. When you compel people to do things contrary to their will, contrary to their conscience, that’s slavery as well as tyranny. So you think about it, who’s bringing slavery back to the south? Who’s bringing slavery back to the Confederate States of America? It’s the homosexual lobby. When you compel people to provide services against their will, that is involuntary servitude, that is slavery. I submit to you that it is the homosexual lobby that’s single-handedly bringing slavery back to the Confederate States of America.”

Watch the clip below:

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