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Breitbart: “Rainbow hate-flag” found in Virginia killer’s apartment

Breitbart: “Rainbow hate-flag” found in Virginia killer’s apartment
Breitbart reports that a
Breitbart reports that a “hate-flag” was found in the Virginia killer’s apartment.

Breitbart reports that police found a rainbow flag in Vester Lee Flanagan’s apartment on Wednesday.

In the “article,” the right-wing website claims the flag is “seen by many as a symbol of anti-Christian hate… Like the Confederate flag, the provocative gay flag, a symbol of religious oppression, has flown on government property.”

The brief, entirely purposeless article by John Nolte ends with the following kicker:

“Thus far, other than a mention in the Telegraph, the media has not reported on the fact that Flanagan might have owned the LGBT rainbow hate-flag.”

Nolte has penned several stories along these lines for Breitbart. Recent headlines include “Take Down The Fascist, Anti-Christian Gay-Pride Flag,” “Be Afraid: Media Glosses Over Repeated Threats of Violence From LGBT-er.”

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