Artist recreates ‘Vanity Fair’ cover with Caitlyn Jenner death threats

Detail from Conor Collins' piece
Detail from Conor Collins’ piece

The Hollywood Reporter reports that British artist Conor Collins has compiled all the death threats and hate tweets Caitlyn Jenner received after her Vanity Fair cover was released to create an original piece of artwork — and now, the artist is receiving hate mail of his own.

To create the piece, Collins hand-wrote the text of all the hateful Caitlyn Jenner tweets he could find – a response to his horror at the comments he saw spreading all over social media.

Via an email exchange, he tells Hollywood Reporter, “When I saw these, I wanted to show them, because it is a reality of what trans people experience every day… It was horrible having to research and write the tweets onto the canvas… For every person who sees it another person is shown the persecution and real danger trans people face. I don’t know if Caitlyn has seen it herself yet though, would be interesting to see what she thought about it if she did.”

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