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Scott Walker on the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay leaders

Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker AP Photo, Nati Harnik

WASHINGTON –— Republican presidential contender Scott Walker is clearly struggling with the issue of gay Boy Scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America has taken steps to end the blanket ban on gay adult leaders and let Scout units set their own policy.

That prompted Wisconsin’s governor to express support for the ban. The governor told the Independent Journal Review website the ban “protected children and advanced Scout values.”

Afterward, he tried to clarify the statement, saying he did not mean physical protection from gay leaders but protection of boys from the public debate.

Now, though, he’s no longer saying the ban should remain. He says that’s for the scouting organization to decide.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Walker also said he doesn’t know whether being gay is a choice.

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